Published Works
Essays [Forthcoming] Gathering Our Fragmented Souls || St. Austin Review He Does the Orchestration in Mythical Voices || St. Austin Review || cover image || Table of Contents Jan.-Feb. 2024 issue Let us Reverently Marvel...
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Wreck of the Deutschland
This recording of “The Wreck of the Deutschland” is presented here as two separate audio files. Read along as you listen, and you will find the second audio file at Part II. (Recorded March 7,...
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The Design Room, Inc.
Looking for The Design Room, Inc.? Maura Harrison, Creative Director with The Design Room, Inc., 2009-2023Beautifully Consistent, Consistently Beautiful
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An Illustrated Comedy
An Illustrated Comedy is a special collection of 100 collages completed by Maura H. Harrison in the Fall of 2022. The collages, one for each...
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